by Just Lynne

# 1. 9/7/13 3:33 PM by Sam
My heart is aching for you. I am so sorry you had to go through this and know that the next few weeks will be difficult for you. I pray that the day will come soon when your thoughts of JoJo will bring a smile to your face.

Editor's Note: Thank you, Sam, I am hoping I can get myself pulled together and stop crying pretty soon because my eyes are swollen and ugly. I too pray the day will come when I smile about her instead of all this carrying on.

# 2. 9/7/13 8:28 PM by Nick - Irondequoit, NY
What more can you do when you did all that you could to do? Yes, the last thing you did was the most difficult but it was the only thing left to do. You gave that dog all that you had, without you she would not have had the great life that she had. Hopefully in the very near future this realization will transform your current pain into a sense of solace.

Editor's Note: Thanks, Nick, and you are right, I fought side by side with her until the time came that there was no more fight in my little girl. And I do have to remember that she had a happy life with me, we had fun together on our walks because she was such a social butterfly, but right now I am still so weepy and can't think past that I lost her.

# 3. 9/7/13 11:22 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
My deepest sympathy, Lynne. I just returned from "washing my eyes." My chocolate lab KoKo is 13+ now and still loves to follow me on walks and swim the pond. I know it's just a matter of time at this age - but she continues to enjoy a happy life. We have 3 other dogs and 2 cats. have buried a LOT of pets over the decades. My wife's Shih-Tzu "Barbie" died too early of a brain tumor/stroke about a year ago. It was a pathetic sight - she disoriented and clearly distressed, helpless and hopeless. Kazuko hugged her as we raced off to the vet - met her Sunday eve as she unlocked the door. Yes - stroke - only option to put Barbie out of her misery. My wife held her face and told her, "I love you, my little girl" and went out to the car. The tech arrived and I left. They gave us the ashes a couple weeks later. We have two more Shih-Tzus now...young sisters, happy and healthy. So goes life --- for us all. There are times for mourning and times for celebrating life. And as long as we have time, it is right to enjoy the present and living. Tom

Editor's Note: The problem with having pets is that you bond with them and they are your family. And then they die and you are devastated. I wish more good years for KoKo, Tom, dogs are just so wonderful, aren't they? Also sorry that Barbie had a stroke, it's so surprising to me that dogs get the same diseases that humans do.

# 4. 9/8/13 5:01 PM by marilyn
I am sorry.

Editor's Note: Thanks, Marilyn. I'm sorry too, but also relieved that she is out of her misery. It's been an eight-week ordeal for us and it is finally over except for my crying and missing her so much.

# 5. 9/8/13 6:18 PM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I am sorry for your loss. There are not words that can express what we feel for those whom we love, and their loss, be it human, or creatures great and small... There is a personality involved, with an honest faithful attachment to the spirit of another living being...

Reading your column, triggered memories, of five faithful dogs in my life, two horses and many other smaller creatures whose end of life brought tears to my eyes...

Three of those dogs, when I was young, I had to put down myself. I won't get into the graphics; but it was necessary, to end their misery of unfortunate circumstances...

Cherish the life JOJO lived with you and minimize the end of that life, though I know that is hard to do now...

We are all diminished, in some way at the passing of a friend...But we should all persevere, to carry on, as life goes on...

Editor's Note: It is too hard for me to minimize the end of JoJo's life right now, lj, but hopefully that day will come for me. I miss her little spirit in my house so much! Thanks for your comment.

# 6. 9/9/13 1:43 PM by mk
Oh Lyne, what a difficult painful thing. I'm sorry. You have experiences some awful losses and I wish there was a way we could fill the holes in your heart!

Editor's Note: You do help to heal the holes in my heart, mk, when I hear from you all - it is a comfort to my heart which is sore and lonesome.

# 7. 9/10/13 5:50 PM by Cameron L. De Vries - Henderson, NV
My sincerest condolences. I hope that your joy in the good memories exceeds the sorrow of the loss sooner than later.

Editor's Note: I'm not to that point yet, Cameron, but like you said, maybe that joy will be sooner rather than later. Thanks for your comment.

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