by Just Lynne

# 1. 7/13/13 12:22 PM by Nick - Irondequoit, NY
Lynne, to those that love our pets yours are not foolish emotions. If/when the time comes when you have no other choice but to have her put to sleep you'll have known that you did all that you could, that you exhausted all options, and you'll have no regrets. In the meantime like you said, you may have extended her life by a year or more.

We're going through a somewhat similar situation with our almost 16-yr old female. We were informed 3-weeks ago that she has kidney failure to go along with some tumor in an odd place. We've elected to not have the tumor biopsied. For the kidney failure (not curable) we're feeding her prescribed kidney food to perhaps slow the disease down. For now her quality of life is still quite good, you cross bridges as you get to them.

Editor's Note: You're right, Nick, we should cross bridges when we come to them, good advice to help me deal with whatever happens. And yes, I feel better having had the surgery for her because that will help me should I feel guilty when the day comes that I have to put her down. I send pings to you and your girl with the kidney problem, that she has some quality time before her kidneys let go.

# 2. 7/13/13 2:08 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
We have four dogs and two cats now and have gone through far more over the many decades. One of my daughter's dogs got an inoperable malignant tumor on his snout. She cared for him until his discomfort outweighed his happiness. Out oldest dog is a healthy 13-year-old chocolate lab. She still likes to fetch sticks thrown into the big pond - more slowly than in the past but joyful and grateful. The vet removed a (thankfully) benign immense tumor several years ago and she recovered quickly and completely. My wife's favorite Shih-Tzu suffered a massive stroke about a year ago. We got two new Shih-Tzu pups. And our newest addition is a stray, no doubt dumped out here in the sticks by someone from the city who tired of him. Both our cats were rescued by my daughter from abandoned, uncertain lives. They get the best vet care and that adds up for six pets. They are all happy and enjoy sharing their lives with us. I've always believed you can correctly judge a person on how they interact with animals. When the time comes - hopefully forestalled for a long time - she and you will both know and understand. One of my daughter's dogs is a papillion and she has rescued/fostered a couple others. We have a pet cemetery on our 16 acres here - in a little peaceful clearing in the woods. And a couple of urns here in the house... Tom

Editor's Note: ..."until his discomfort outweighed his happiness" I really like the way you put that, Tom, and will keep that in mind as JoJo and I go along. I could not stand to see her suffer, it's bad enough now as we wait the long time between her pain pills. Reading about all your animals and what you've been through and what your daughter has done made me happy for some reason - they are lucky dogs and cats for sure.

# 3. 7/13/13 3:07 PM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I enjoyed your column and send wishes of hope and happiness for you and your loyal companion...

I was a little more callous in my younger days, but as I've grown older I learned to appreciate all life, creatures great and small, from a different perspective. Being emotionally subjective with a loyal pet, and doing the best you can, with feeling and compassion, is all anyone could ever ask...

I am still moved to tears by the movie, "Old Yellar", because I can really relate to that terrible situation...and that is all I am going to say about that...

God Bless you and Jojo. Every day of life, is precious; to each and every one of God's creatures...

Editor's Note: I was callous when I was young, too, lj, but I didn't realize back then that pets can interact like they do. I'm glad I learned that lesson as my dogs and cats have since become major parts of my life.

# 4. 7/13/13 3:10 PM by mk
I am so glad you speak one another's language!

Editor's Note: LOL, we do, mk. She knows how to let me know what she's feeling and I pay attention to that because we love each other.

# 5. 7/14/13 8:28 AM by Marilyn
thumbsup.gif Great column Lynne, I felt your pain - and she is not just a dog - she is your pal. Thanks for sharing.

Editor's Note: She is my pal, Marilyn, she means a lot to me even though we are still, after 4 years, battling for the Alpha position. I am winning! LOL

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