by Just Lynne

# 1. 5/12/13 8:44 PM by Cameron L. De Vries - Henderson, NV
It is a shame that your friends are not interested in any real discussion or even debate focused on ideas, fact, and reality rather than heightened emotion. Sad to say that they are not unique.

Editor's Note: It is a shame, Cameron, and yes, they are very emotional about Obama. They all seem to love him like he was a member of their family and that's kinda scary to me. I guess I don't understand loving a President, I have admired some but never loved any of them.

# 2. 5/13/13 7:41 AM by Mark - Greece
Your post pretty much summarizes the last few decades of my life. They are right about one thing though. Obama never inked 1 word of that bill, but it doesn't seem to matter to them. They loudly proclaim that GM repaid all 'stimulus' money, yet the public treasury will end up 20 to 40 billion dollars light. But that's Washington politics for you. I'm still confused how an increase in a dept budget this year over last amounts to a 'cut' and resulting in 'devastating' sequester-triggered layoffs.

Editor's Note: Heehee, Mark, I am totally confused about everthing that's going on. Either there are some really stupid people up there in DC or I have gotten stupid as I've grown older. Nothing they say or do makes any sense to me, especially in regards to money and math.

# 3. 5/13/13 9:45 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I enjoyed your column. My Mother was a liberal, and my Father was a conservative. My Mother could always talk more and faster than my Father but there I was in the middle. I loved both and tried to be softer and moderate to both in my mind. I guess I should write a separate column, called, "Confessions Of A Liberal Conservative" or maybe an altruistic conservative who listens now where I used not to.

I have been changed by fate and destiny and have seen the view from above and below. When I was at Kodak as a technician, I thought I was above it all. Then I became homeless, brought to my knees, and had my face pushed into the mud figuratively speaking...As a homeless Vietnam Combat Veteran, I saw a totally different perspective of the world and those at the top with their own demons and mental illnesses. (Narcissism disorders and their own high society dysfunctionality of myopic tunnelvision.)

I do not have all the answers, I never even realized there were so many unanswered questions...

I feel fortunate today to have "lived"; the song; "Amazing Grace" and feel empathy for everyone...

God Bless You; and all your friends, and keep on writing. I enjoy the food for thought that your perspective brings to the table...

Editor's Note: I had to laugh at your mother talking more and faster that your father, that's what happened at lunch with my friends - if you were a conservative you couldn't get a word in edgewise. Also, I think "narcissism" is a good word to describe many of our leaders - to which I would add "elitism". Those are reasons that they never listen to us common folk.

# 4. 5/13/13 1:36 PM by gramma
It really is sad that there is such a divide. I agree with John that the liberal voices are louder and faster than the conservative ones. I guess that's just a definition of their labels. As I've aged and watched things change, including the disastrous "fundamental changing of America" espoused and pushed by Obama and Co., I've become more conservative and less inclined to "compromise." The word "compromise" seems to have changed from meaning something like "getting along" or "give a little, take a little" to "the loudest, pushiest side wins and the rest of you deal with it." I find it disheartening at best and frightening at worse.

Editor's Note: Me too, Gramma, the older I get the more I worry. And you are right, the loudest, pushiest side seems to always win.

# 5. 5/13/13 3:05 PM by NEPTUNE - PALM HARBOR
thumbsdown.gif Why would anyone watch Fox (Faux)news? Or listen to Limbaugh? Tim Egan of the NY Times says that the current crop of Republicans in Congress live in a parallel world which is found on Fox News. I have to agree.

Editor's Note: Maybe because people want to know the truth? I hate it when people call Fox News "faux", because what it truly "faux" is what the main stream media spouts.

# 6. 5/13/13 6:27 PM by Brocco Bama
Maybe Neptune would do well to watch or listen to some of the other news outlets.

One story he might be interested in originated on my computer from Glen Beck. It verifies, through a news story from CBS, that Obama LIED about some aspects of the Benghazi happenings. -

Imagine that...CBS said Obama offered facts which were not true. Hmmmm...maybe CBS is lying to Neptune and others?

Good column, Lynne, and you are holding your own well in offering answers to the responses.

Editor's Note: Thanks, BB, your comment made me feel good.

# 7. 5/13/13 9:43 PM by northern
Keep basing your opinions on those who speak to garner ratings and you will be led astray. "Faux" news is just that and those who watch are less informed than any other news form, Having said that, any cable news or radio stations that depend on ratings to gather revenue will always be sensationalist to draw listeners. And unfortunately I'd be hard pressed to name a media who does not follow that idea. What sad is that so many fall for this garbage.

Editor's Note: A comparison of Fox and the mainstream media, plus watching to see what actually goes on, is why I watch a lot more Fox than I do the mainstream media. Fox is much closer to the truth in my opinion, as the MSM is too busy licking Obama's feet and covering up for him to tell us the truth anymore.

# 8. 5/14/13 1:01 PM by Jay - OR
Good editorial replies! Isn't it astonishing the criticism, even hate, that some have toward a news (and commentary, source?

I seldom watch any TV news media, preferring to get my news somewhere else. However, sometimes I do. Were I to go back to TV as my only source, I think I'd now be inclined to start with the liberal networks, and then go to Fox, with the hope of there getting it straight by avoiding the Progressive spin.

(Incidentally, my observation is that those who are so venomous about Fox, when pressed, and truthful, have to admit that they rarely watch it.)

Editor's Note: Your last sentence is so true, Jay, because when I question my liberal friends they always tell me they wouldn't waste their time on Fox, or "faux" as they love to call it. So I know it must be a learned behaviour, as in, if you're liberal (or Progressive to use the new name for it), you never watch Fox. You make fun of it and act superior to those who do watch it. But they are the losers of the truth, not us.

# 9. 5/14/13 1:31 PM by Rick G.
I don't judge my friends by their politics or religion. Only by the wine they serve.

Editor's Note: Love that, Rick. I never judged my friends by either politics or religion either, but lately it seems to me that things have changed and there is a lot of hatred out there.

# 10. 5/14/13 3:25 PM by Gary - Williamson
My observations have been that the hate that used to be confined to the liberal journalists and talking heads has made its way down to the people. Even during Clinton's impeachment scandal I could still have a reasonable conversation with liberal friends regarding our differences of opinion on the matter. During the Bush presidency those conversations became more difficult because they seemed to genuinely hate Bush. I was not a huge fan myself but for different reasons and trying to discuss those differences turned nearly impossible. Now, since Obama was elected, the outright hatred towards any who disagree with the party line has become not only common but more aggressive. I can't help but think much of that is a result of the divisive campaign of hate waged by this administration and the left and supported by the media. According to them there are plenty of our fellow Americans that should be hated, like the rich, the white (especially males), gun owners, Christians, etc. All of the country's ills can be blamed on someone in that list. What truly amazes me is the number of my fellow citizens who buy into that rhetoric and have let their hatred loose on the rest of us.

Editor's Note: It amazes me, too, Gary, and I find it kind of scary that some of my friends seem actually to hate me for not following their party line. I have had quite a few snide comments made towards me from people who used to be able to debate and discuss with me. I don't know what the answer to this is or how to handle it. I don't hate any of them although I do wish they would take off the rose-colored glasses but I don't make a big deal about it.

# 11. 5/15/13 4:30 AM by The Last Mohican
First of all, I find it interesting after a column about the awkwardness of dealing with your shrill liberal friends that all some people can comment on is that you watch Fox news.

I think your column was about much more than that: how it is possible to befriend people of different political parties and yet the awkwardness that prevails when the rubber meets the road. It can be very hard to overcome such basic world views and remain friends, especially when someone may take it too far and/ or says something they shouldn't in the name of trying to out-talk the other person. It's truly why they say for people to avoid religion and politics.

Editor's Note: Yes, and I've never had problems with my liberal friends before this administration, I'm not sure why our discussions include such anger and meanness now. And you're right, the column is about more than Fox, although they bring that up right away. I don't want to lose my friends over Obama, it seems such a shame that they never ask themselves, is he worth it?

# 12. 5/15/13 3:41 PM by Brocco Bama
And he EPA scandal...? You mean you haven't heard? No, I don't mean the EPA email scandal that mostly got shoved under the carpet, but I'm talking about how the EPA unfairly treated conservative groups while giving preferential treatment to green groups. Read about it at:

Hope we can keep up...

Editor's Note: The trouble with all these scandals is that, in the end, nothing will be done and the King won't be impeached because the MSM adores him and covers for him and because the Republicans don't have anybody with any clout that will stand up to him. They have all become wusses like their leader.

# 13. 5/16/13 10:47 PM by northern
"Fox News viewers are less informed than people who don't watch any news, according to a new poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University."

You are less informed than those who watch NO news. Does that catch your breath a bit?

A conservative viewpoint is a fine position. There is room for all in this country. However, to base your world view from a "news" organization that skews the truth, and therefore your "truth", says volumes on how well they do their job. Fox news panders to the ignorant and basest values you and the others who watch.

Editor's Note: The day will come when you will wish you had watched Fox so that you would be prepared for the end of our country as we have known it.

# 14. 5/17/13 9:21 PM by northern
And what day would that be? When I am drooling on a bib and restrained in a mental ward? Because that's the only way I would be "glad" I watched corporate news spun by moral bankrupts.

Editor's Note: The term "moral bankrupts" applies to this administration and to our country as it is rapidly becoming. Your use of that talking point shows that you never watch Fox and so do not know the truth.

# 15. 5/18/13 12:09 PM by Brocco Bama
Perhaps Northern should check his or her bib now.

In it might be found the facts: 1.Four Americans were murdered at the Benghazi consulate where "grossly inadequate" security measures prevailed(Even Sec. of State Hillary Clinton agreed with that assessment). 2. The US DOJ spied on the Associated Press. 3.The US IRS unfairly targeted conservative groups and individuals.

Look closely, Northern, even liberal web sites have those facts; they were not made up by Fox News.

# 16. 5/18/13 3:21 PM by ArmyVet13 - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Just Lynne, I have a "few" Liberal family and friends, but mostly those with more conservative views; however, I am issues based, not party based. Personally, I think Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin. Over the past decade, both have had control of the Presidency and Congress, and NEITHER have done much for US. That's my point of view on politics.

As for your column, it's really sad when citizens of this country can't have an honest, but fair, discussion about issues that matter to all of us. The "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010" (aka, "Obamacare"...which the President said in his first debate with Mitt Romney last year was fine with I don't know what your Liberal friends are talking about there), has two major flaws that I actually know of...1) It is NOT funded. We should have a "Healthcare Tax" on unhealthy consumables (ie, Alcohol, Tobacco, Sugars, Fats, etc), a sort of "pay-as-you-go" system, where if you don't consume unhealthy consumables, NO TAX. 2) A huge shortage of Primary Care Physicians. As of 2010, we were some 13,000 short according to CBS Evening News (I believe it was Ann Thompson reporting) in March 2010, and the numbers are supposed to grow to 40,000 short by the end of the decade. No one is addressing this, as millions are expected to be needing them starting next year. In a word...HELP!

As for Benghazi...if the administration had nothing to hide, they wouldn't go to such great lengths to hide it. My greatest concern, is that the Accountability Review Board (ARB) that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was required by law to create, was established to ONLY review her department BELOW her Under Secretaries. We now know that the military was unable to respond and help our besieged Ambassador and other Americans who were killed or wounded for "20 Hours," according to former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey. How does the ARB, which only reviews mid-level personnel in the State Department, address the obvious communication and coordination for security between the State Department and Defense Department in the violent country of Libya (where the "diplomatic facility" in Benghazi had been attacked twice in the months prior to the 11th Anniversary of 9/11)? Answer: IT DOESN'T.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. As an Army Veteran and an educated citizen, I can assure you that YOU are correct and your Liberal friends are misinformed. Have fun at your next meeting!

Editor's Note: The sad thing Gary, is that none of my Liberal (Progressive) friends will listen to anything that makes the President and his minions look bad or incompetent. And that they can outshout me! They simply do not believe that anything that is going on will ever affect them.

# 17. 5/18/13 7:05 PM by northern
"The term "moral bankrupts" applies to this administration and to our country as it is rapidly becoming. Your use of that talking point shows that you never watch Fox and so do not know the truth."

And you wonder why your "liberal" friends shout you down. Perhaps it's your constant use of labels and your blind hatred of the Obamas that is transparently affecting your "truth". You might try listening to your friends for some common ground. That can't be that hard, right?

However, you miss my point: corporate news will keep you ignorant. Think about it---what draws ratings but constant faux outrage? It doesn't dawn on anyone watching these news outlets that it is in their financial benefit to override actual objective news and grind out airwave junk? It might be worth your while to see who owns what news outlet and where their monies come from. Very enlightening.

And please, "talking points"? Aren't you the one who thinks Obama is a socialist? Economy improving, job rate growth, the stock market at an all time high...what a socialist. There are things I can say about Obama that irk me but a socialist is not one. Muslim, anyone? Gotta have one on this list who clings to this. Cute dog, though.

Editor's Note: Goodness, never did I use any labels nor did I show blind hatred of the Obamas or mention the words "socialist" or "Muslim" in my article or in my answers. Neither of us will ever change our minds so let's just drop this.

# 18. 5/18/13 7:54 PM by ArmyVet13 - Rochester, NY
Responding to "northern"...You are the one who needs to do some research on the facts. While I disagree with "labels" of dislike or outright hatred for President Obama, former President Bush, and other high profile politicians, since they don't bring people together to discuss issues in a civilized manner, I do take issue with your arrogance when promoting information that is not accurate. If you support this President and have your reasons, it is fair to state them. However, to judge the knowledge of others based on their "perceived" sources of information and disagreement with you, makes you appear small-minded. Your trumpeting the very sluggish economy and the DOW hitting record high's for a small percentage of Americans, isn't that impressive. So many are suffering, and this President is putting even more burden on them with each tax increase and sequestration cuts HE signed into law. I think you need re-evaluate your priorities.

# 19. 5/19/13 5:28 PM by DAVE WADE - PALM HARBOR
Glen Beck is a certifiable lunatic.

# 20. 5/19/13 6:02 PM by northern
To ArmyVet13:

Not my "perceived" sources. It's been long established that Fox news listeners are more ignorant of facts than those who don't watch any news. If you base your "truth" upon this kind of drivel you will remain ignorant. And I don't single out Fox news alone. All cable news is suspect. As I said, there are things I dislike about this administration but you are wrong about dismissing the earmarks of a reviving economy.

Can't change locked minds but thankfully they are in the minority.

# 21. 5/19/13 10:05 PM by ArmyVet13 - Rochester, NY
northern...EVERY news source has a bias, which is why it is wise for citizens to do their own research from a variety of sources (mostly written materials with documented sources, of course), in order to avoid being persuaded. Judging by your comments, you follow narrow sources that promote your feelings and desires...I get it. I can see where your opinions are honed. I am just far more inquisitive and always asking for more information that is provided. You don't seem to ask many questions, like many Americans, so we have the government we are stuck with. Other than our struggling economy, which we disagree about its level of success and failure, I don't know what you don't support regarding this administration. I'm curious. I've identified several in my columns, but few seem to have the knowledge and experience to ask what I am asking...especially on Benghazi. I am patiently waiting for the REAL answers to emerge, so we can actually hold individuals accountable and actually fix what is broken before more Americans die. The President and his administration don't seem to care about those who serve our country, and that is truly sad. However, once we get the truth, maybe we can stop heading down the road of disaster, and get back on course...maybe.

# 22. 5/20/13 6:33 PM by northern

Here's a suggestion: when chiding someone for using labels try not to do the very same (i.e. "arrogant" ) and it also helps that to continue a dialogue in a "civilized manner" not to attack the messenger personally (i.e. "small minded"). It deflates your legitimacy and makes you sound like a bully. I am however, in awe, of your supernatural ability to so soundly judge an entire person's outlook after reading a few comments. Stunning. Bravo. And soundly getting it so very wrong.

# 23. 5/21/13 9:35 AM by ArmyVet13 - Rochester, NY
northern...first, you failed to mention anything about the topic you seem so passionate about (defending this administration). Second, aren't you the one who belittled "Just Lynne" for watching Fox News, claiming it is “..."Faux" news is just that and those who watch are less informed than any other news form…” but yet you don’t watch FOX News? I know you wish to deflect criticism to people like me, because you can’t defend your position with facts…I get it. If you had substance to your argument, you wouldn’t have to resort to playing “victim” and saying I sound like a bully. You aren’t the first Liberal to make such claims in lieu of facts. I’ve gotten that speech from people like you for many years now, and it’s getting old. The reality is, debate over life and death decisions and those decisions that directly affect American lives, is serious and if you don’t like hearing differences of opinion, then you shouldn’t enter the competition. Just Lynne…you exposed a great problem with debate in this country, and this is a prime example. Thanks for posting all these comments.

Editor's Note: Debating seems to be a lost art nowadays. People just want to holler at you if you disagree with them. It's discouraging. It silences me.

# 24. 5/21/13 7:13 PM by ArmyVet13 - Rochester, NY
Just have a right to your opinion and being silent is your choice, but I hope you at least get a jab in every once in a while to let them know that you have a mind of your own. Many people don't want to fight what appears to be an uphill battle, and it pains me to see those who are on the right track, unable to speak as well as those who are wrong. The President is a used car salesman and he has been selling lemons to the American people for a while now. It would be nice if the people would eventually catch on and stop the madness, but many seem content with the terrible state of our economy and a foreign policy mess in the Middle East. I don't want a great speaker...I want someone who actually knows what they are doing and gets things done. Maybe someday, a new voice will rise and get us back together again. I can only hope for leadership to be restored in Washington, before it's too late. Keep speaking your mind, because others get to speak theirs.

Editor's Note: I am only silent on WOTL, so as not to start any more fighting and nastiness. But I am very vocal on my Facebook page, in fact I just had to unfriend a couple of people and delete those comments they and I made because I was attacked quite viciously. These people threatened me and told me they would turn me in for speaking against the government, who they would turn me in to I don't know. But we know that our President said he would reward his friends and punish his enemies, so I was scared. So for the past few posts I have gotten away from politics and have gotten a lot of responses to lightweight stuff. It seems most people don't want to hear about or think about what is going on in our country. But since I am older, I remember how it used to be and I don't like what's happening. So I do let people know what's going on,whether they want to believe it or not.

# 25. 5/22/13 10:33 PM by northern

but it's fine for you to express your opinion w/o repercussions but not for others. I am "so passionate about (defending this administration"... really? I said there were things I disliked about Obama but you have no problem writing off the president as a "used car salesman". Keep playing that hand and there is no wonder why you will keep getting "that speech" from "people" like me. What's tiring is hearing what is perfectly w/o reproach for you is a cause for insult for me. And yes, Fox news is fake news.

Editor's Note: Let's all be done with this, time to move on.

# 26. 8/7/13 1:54 AM by Fran - slc, utah
I'm a liberal yet I don't like Obama care or believe in global warming. I like how Sen. Al Franken did pass a bill requiring health insurance companies to use a certain percent of their premiums received to go for actual health care, not profits, marketing or to CEO's. If not they have to reimburse businesses and individuals by check or lowered premiums. The insurance companies sent out $50 million and he's now asking to hear from those businesses or individuals who received a refund.

I don't like Obama because he didn't end the war and started a war in Libya; hasn't closed Quantanamo; didn't prosecute Bush, Cheney and others for war crimes & for instituting the ungodly Patriot Act to be charged as an act of treason. He gave the rich their tax cuts and seemed to do what Republicans wanted. Romney would have changed Obama care to Romney care. I also didn't like how Obama handled Benghazi.

It has been proven that Obama had nothing personally to do with fast and furious nor is there been any proof through ballistics that any border guard was killed with a gun sold from the US. Gun running did start under the Bush admin and Obama did work on finally ending it even though changes under his administration did change the gun running to fast and furious which didn't work but gun running didn't work under The Bush administration either.

Politically incorrect can also often be equated to morally wrong.

Editor's Note: The problem with Obama is that he makes sure he stands apart from all these problems to save himself, but he lets his "progressive" minions run our country because he knows they will succeed in ruining it which is his goal.

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