by Just Lynne

# 1. 3/25/13 10:22 PM by mk
A suggestion on the books: Search Amazon for the same titles and year of publication, search Ebay- find out if others are selling similar items and for what price.

You could do the same with some of your other items too.

Editor's Note: Thanks, mk, the only problem is that I don't want to do all that work! I have gotten lazy I guess. Wish I could find someone to do it for me and share the profits.

# 2. 3/26/13 8:49 AM by Marilyn
Lynne, after our writer's club I can give you a couple of suggestions... that is what I do these days in addition to my other shop.. I do some consulting on just that subject (you get the friends and family rate) free......

Editor's Note: Wow, Marilyn, suggestions are badly needed here so I will look forward to consulting with you on Wednesday.

# 3. 3/26/13 12:45 PM by Zjabs have someone who sells on eBay who has nearly 40,000 positives...... That being said, I pay more than anyone I know- I'm not blowing my horn but I do- and I pay nowhere near 30%. Books are a very slow market and I have to take that into account- and on a bulk purchase- you're probably realistically looking at 5 to 10% of value (sorry). I expect that wouldn't make you happy (but I'd be more than happy to take a look- I live in Rochester so if you're not too far out, I can look at things), which I understand so I would suggest that barring that, you find a not-for-profit you like who has an annual garage sale (or even the Ronald McDonald House who has that big one down annually) and donate to them. At least then you know the stuff is getting a good home. Just my two cents.- Papergoy

Editor's Note: I did think of you, Zjabs, but when I went to your website I didn't see any of the type of paper ephemera that I have - old valentines, both mechanical and pull-outs, old advertisements, bubble gum cards, basketball cards, I really don't know what all I have down there, and if you don't pay even 30% I would like to do some other looking around to make sure I was getting as much as I could, even if it did hurt me. LOL. Some of my books I have looked up on ebay, some bring $200-300, one set is listed at $700, of course I wouldn't expect to get that for them but they are all collectible and would be geared to a different market. However, you would be welcome to come look at the paper ephemera, I live in Spencerport, as soon as I make up my mind which way I'm going to go! Sell it for what I can get, take it all to an auction, call dealers, but no way am I going to donate it! Thanks, Zjabs.

# 4. 3/26/13 1:31 PM by Zjabs
Depending on what you have in cards (sports), those I may be able to pay more on as those I collect, same with comics. I see your email to the right- with permission I can email you so we can communicate that way. I've been doing this a long time and may know the best way for you to sell certain items. And Albert has dealt with me before and can vouch for my business practices as can Jim. -Zjabs

Editor's Note: Of course you can communicate with me, Zjabs, maybe I do have some things you might be interested in-

# 5. 3/26/13 5:49 PM by Jim - Rochester
For the non paper stuff, you might consider a Sunday booth at the Rochester Public Market. Let people rummage and then size them up as for price, or see what they offer. As for paper, Zjabs is the guy.

Editor's Note: Zjabs and I are in touch, thanks Jim.

# 6. 3/26/13 6:07 PM by Albert 1
Zjab's also brokered some collectible knives for me on E Bay that fetched some very satisfactory profits.

Zjab's also referred me to an antiques broker who assisted me in getting a fair price for a large amount of hobby items.

I don't know if that person still helps broker estate sales.

I have a great respect for the effort and bother brokers expend when rendering service so I don't begrudge them profiting by taking a good chunk of an item's true worth.

Editor's Note: Zjabs must be pretty good since everybody is recommending him!

# 7. 3/27/13 12:23 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Zjabs is clearly the man on this topic! I've been buying old astronomy books in my later years here and astounded at how low the "going prices" are. Most often far below original retail except for the really rare old collectables. This agrees with Zjabs 5-10%. As the end buyer I often get books for like 20%. Leaves just a modest profit for the dealer. I think the internet has made the used collectables far more price-competitive --- good for the buyer and good for the high-volume established dealers. 40,000 thumbs up - impressive! I believe if someone has an estate with huge volume - some consultants specialize in inventorying and even taking the pictures, eBay ads, etc. for a % of the take - 50/50 would seem reasonable for providing that (labor-intensive) work. Tom

Editor's Note: I would take the 50/50 deal too if I had a large estate, unfortunately I don't so I am going to either have to take a loss or do the ebay thing which I don't feel like bothering with. 5-10% seems really sad in view of what I paid for this stuff years ago.

# 8. 3/27/13 12:26 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
P.S. Is that a Papillion pooch I see in the picture? My daughter has two and also has driven or flown some around as part of "Papillion Rescue" where they rescue and rehab abused doggies. Tom

Editor's Note: Yep, Tom, it is a Pap. I take in older girls who have been put out of the breeding program, this girl is 12 1/2 and has been having some health problems recently so I am worried about her. Good for your daughter working with Pap Rescue, does she belong to any Pap lists? I got one Pap some years back from rescue but I never was able to train her, after almost a year of trying I gave up and sold her. All my other ones have been mellow lovable little doggies and I love that breed. Bet your daughter does, too.

# 9. 3/28/13 12:49 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
She would probably appear on some list 'cause was into training, showing, etc. I know she would "interview" prospective adopters, often traveling long distance. My wife has two well-bred Shih-Tzu sisters. Cute but quite duh (the dogs, not my wife!) I have a now old chocolate lab - wonderful, smart "working dog." And two cats - both rescued by my daughter. One flown in from Omaha. All 5 get along great and love the country living here in Springwater. Vet, gtrooming, Meds, keep --- costs a fortune. But sure not like keeping horses (My sister does that!) And I swear - you can tell a LOT about a person by watching their pets. Happy, content pets = good master / mistress... And animals seem to recognize good people. Tom

Editor's Note: I just wondered as I belong to PapFriends List and thought she might post on that. Seems like you have a brood of happy pets - although I do know about the cost! But they are worth it because of the fun and laughs and love they bring.

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