by Just Lynne

# 1. 12/9/12 5:56 PM by Nick - Irondequoit, NY
In Christ there is a peace like no other yet church gives me the opposite effect. Does that make any sense?

Editor's Note: It does to me, Nick, for years I felt inner turmoil in church! I just didn't like to be there.

# 2. 12/9/12 8:46 PM by Albert 1
A little personal perspective on religion: Jesus=church and people Christ=God and Self

One size does not fit all.

Your experience as a preacher's daughter probably contains many examples of how people use church to find God.

The fact I prefer another way doesn't detract from me feeling that many people need what our WOTLer Peter called "Churchianity" to help them look for and/'or find God.,

Like Little John says " just musin"

Editor's Note: I think there are many ways to find God, church isn't always the answer. But yes, lots of people find it to be the answer for themselves. I'm not sure God cares that much about how you find Him, as long as you do!

# 3. 12/10/12 9:50 AM by Cameron L. De Vries - Shanghai, China
thumbsup.gif I read your column to my wife, and we both were touched by it. I and my wife both have strong belief systems about God and Jesus Christ that we are trying to pass onto our children. Your column is a good reminder that it is important to do so, but not in a manner that is overzealous or that would leave them disinterested.

Thank you for sharing.

Editor's Note: I think that, as long as you love your children and they know it, as long as there is love in your home, your children will not stray. It's the lack of love and affection that marks them for life.

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