by Just Lynne

# 1. 12/8/12 8:20 PM by mk
I never thought of this as a men or women's club. Its just people with a desire to write.

Editor's Note: I never did either but when I talk to my friends to remind them to come on the site, that is their main complaint. I take some of the blame, though, because I am not as faithful as a writer as I should be.

# 2. 12/8/12 11:12 PM by Albert 1
Right On!!!

A few years before you showed up here this place was close to 50-50 with many ladies who gave it a different flavor than we have now.

I enjoy your and Marilyn's contribution here and miss Eileen's.

Editor's Note: I miss Eileen's too, Albert, but I see she is busy on Facebook now. I wonder what happened to all the ladies who used to write here?

# 3. 12/9/12 11:27 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I agree with your analysis. There is a definite need for some women's views both left and right to balance out the heavy testosterone stuff here. Mea Culpa for that...

I miss Eileen's and Moe's insight and perspective, and hope that you and Marilyn continue.

There is something of a letdown, all around, I perceive, like the post election blues.

So much anticipation and great expectations and
yet I feel like that day after Christmas when I was a kid,

"Is that all there is?"

Keep writing. I am still trying to get the Twin Tiers Writing Group involved a little here, and they are mostly women...

I think if I can get twenty women to at least give WOTL a try, then my man-date would be full filled. (my own man-date with my(-self).(minus sided self)

my "dash" as it were.

Editor's Note: Oh I hope you do get them to come here, little john, or maybe I should move over there with them?

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