by Just Lynne

# 1. 7/11/12 6:44 PM by Peter Lounsbury
Man that really sucks Lynne, I'm sorry you went through all that. But you mentioned that you had Norton Security? You should read the box or go to their website and find out what they cover should their product fail. If you had Norton Security and you have any damage, it might be that they owe you either a complete repair or a new computer.

Editor's Note: That computer came with Norton, Peter, and I don't think it was Norton that failed, I think that computer was a lemon from the get-go. I think HP knew it, too, I bet they have a lot of them returned, because when I finally broke under the pressure they agreed right away to take it back and refund my credit card. Now I have to wait and see if they do! Also, I would never ever buy another computer from that company because apparently they have sent their customer service to India and not being able to understand what their techs said just added to my stress!

# 2. 7/12/12 8:28 AM by marilyn
thumbsup.gif You should have called me Lynne, you know I am techie of the just kidding but Lynne, i do feel your pain,,, truly.

Editor's Note: Yeah, I should have called you, Marilyn, at least you speak English and I could understand you! That was one of the worst things about trying to get help, I didn't take Indian in school and so couldn't figure out what they were telling me to do!

# 3. 7/12/12 10:40 AM by mk
That's very irritating! I am a believer, promoter, support of Mac and Apple Care. My computer from mac had a strange problem that occurred several times after- the three year apple care expired. Free of Charge- they sent a tech to my house, and fixed my computer. I love the customer service. My husband uses a toshiba lap top- we picked up at Best Buy for $300.00 bucks. It has a 10-key. He likes it, and its been very reliable.

A family member that owns and ISP company-told me Norton is the worst I have used ESET security on his computer and my mother's computer. I like it a lot more than Norton. I've said for years I think the people that right software for Norton, go home at night and - rewrite malware because that keeps them employed. I usually try not to be a cynic- about anyone or anything. But- anti-viral services like Norton have done a tone of damage to computers. They slow the computer down, they suck up space, they are impossible to uninstall, Norton- Shmorton! Thanks for letting me air that!

Editor's Note: I had to laugh at your comment that you think the Nortonites write malware to keep their jobs! That could be the truth for sure. I uninstalled Norton off this computer a few years ago because it caused problems and made it run slow. I use Avast now. I don't know what I am going to do about getting a new computer as I love this old baby and I didn't like Windows Live Mail or Windows 7 either, and of course they all have that now. My grandson wants me to get an Apple like he has but I'm not sure I can deal with having to learn a whole new system!

# 4. 7/12/12 2:07 PM by mk
I had a computer store build a computer for my mom that used an older version of windows because she didn't want the newer version. That was a good compromise.

Editor's Note: Oh wow, that would be the answer for me, was that computer store local?

# 5. 7/12/12 4:16 PM by little john - Mt.Morris,N.Y.
thumbsup.gif I enjoyed this column. It made me appreciate my obsolete computer which like its operator is obsolete. There is a comfort zone, like with a well worn pair of shoes. They may not be all the fad right now, but they don't pinch your toes, and squeeze and hurt your feet like the shiny new ones do.

Does Hush Puppy make any computers???

Every time I hear Norton's I think of motorcycles.

They used to call them "SNORTIN NORTON"S" because when they were hot they were a real pain to kick start... No electric starts and they did not even have a mouse in their gastank to move the cursed thing...

Editor's Note: You got the right words, little john - I am obsolete too and my obsolete computer is my comfort zone. I don't need a big screen and a fancy email program, I need my little screen and my Outlook Express which is simple and easy. I'm hoping to hear back from MK about a store that will build me what I want so I won't be forced to buy an already loaded computer with stuff on it I don't want....

# 6. 7/12/12 5:47 PM by mk
Yes, it was a privately owned store. Small businesses rock!

Editor's Note: Do you think they would build me one? If so, please email me at - thanks MK

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