by Just Lynne

# 1. 3/29/12 10:29 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Hi Lynne! Very "timely" that I read your column! My wife and I are on the front end of our "later years." I still work so we will have "enough money" and just passed that magical $,000,000 round number that used to be enough to retire on. I reach Medicare age this coming Dec and may indeed choose to retire then. She was always a stay at home mom so ultimately all the $ came/comes from my sweat. We both have controlled health issues - she breast CA and brain tumor survivor, me on my 3rd pacemaker. Now her sisters are pestering her for cash so they can pay lawyers to fight each other over their deceased brother's house and accounts. And she's sending $1000 installments to assuage the unfair guilt trips they are somehow burdening her with, even though she wants nothing of the estate. So it does give me pause to consider: I should just binge a bit on the little comforts I have saved for my entire life...including NOT getting up at 4:20 a.m. every morning to drag ass into work! Just a thought... Oops - It's 10:30p.m.; I'd better get to sleep so I can get up at 4:20. Tom

Editor's Note: It sounds to me like you and your wife have had enough to deal with already, without sending money to her sisters for them to argue. I hope, Tom, that the day comes soon that you can have some of the comforts you richly deserve. You'd better get them while you still can in my opinion.

# 2. 3/30/12 12:45 AM by just visitin'
When I was young, I feared dieing before my time, which is to say before I was old. As I get older, I fear dieing beyond my time, when I've become a burden on those I love, or have become feeble, demented or infirm. There is no 'right' time or way to leave this earth, but some ways seem infinitely more pleasing than others.

My prayers are with your friends.

Editor's Note: I hear you - I would never ever want to become like my friend is - just a body still living when the spirit is gone. There should be a way for the medical profession to deal with this - for her sake and the sake of her husband who is at his wit's end because he thought they had enough money and now he is broke.

# 3. 5/3/12 9:12 AM by Marilyn
thumbsup.gif You nailed it Lynne. I was waiting to sell a lot that I have to do my kitchen. The lot did not sell - I decided to hell with it, I am going to spend my money for exactly the reasons that you have written so well about. My sister and i used to joke about how Dr. Kvorkian would be called.... or we would give each other that last pill -- of course never would but we got what you are saying.

Editor's Note: And your kitchen is lovely and bound to bring you joy in a job well done. I know that the hospital assisted my husband when he died but he was in such terrible shape that I was glad. I don't believe any of us should be made to suffer if we don't choose to.

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