by Just Lynne

# 1. 7/19/11 11:46 AM by Lynne
thumbsup.gif You made me laugh -- I loved your column.

Editor's Note: Thanks - glad I made you laugh! Now I need someone to come over and take all these candles away before the new bunch comes in.

# 2. 7/19/11 2:18 PM by Sharon - Chili, NY
You could donate them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army or any other organization like that.

I love to burn a candle in the evening. But not in the summer. I bought one called Creme Brulet. I thought that sounded nice. I like Creme Brulet to eat. Not a nice scent. It just smells like something burning. I may take it to Goodwill since I didn't use it very long. And it is one of those jar candles. Someone might like the scent.

Editor's Note: I did take some of them to Volunteers of America, Sharon, but they said they don't take candles anymore. So I just brought them home and put them back in the linen closet. Creme Brulet sounds good to me, it's too bad it smells like something burning. Yuck. You never can tell with candles what they will smell like.

# 3. 7/19/11 8:50 PM by emotionalwave
I used to sell candles for PARTYlITE. I sold them at house parties where people felt obligated to buy something. When I quit, I had quite an inventory of display items which quickly became gifts for every occasion possible. I suspect you may be the recipient of items that have been sitting in their "H@ll Room"--you know, what the H@ll did I buy that for????

Editor's Note: Teehee, Emo, now I have a Hell Closet! I was thinking, for the money they paid for these candles they could have gotten me a paperback book or some chocolate covered orange peels...

# 4. 7/20/11 8:54 AM by BF
I love the smell of candles (especially hazelnut/vanilla types) but, being alone, am hesitant to use them lest I fall asleep with them burning until it burns the house down.

So, mostly they are in my china closet unless I'm expecting company at which time they go upstairs for "special occasions."

The scent of Cherry-scented candles gives me a headache.

Editor's Note: I hear you on leaving them burning if you fall asleep, BF. I have that fear, too. But truthfully I don't use them much, I have pulmonary problems so most of them make me cough and sneeze. That's why they're in my linen closet!

# 5. 7/20/11 11:34 AM by mk
start dropping hints for chocolate!!!

Editor's Note: Good idea! Got my sister and daughter on the "get me chocolate" list, now I have to let my friends know...

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