Big Job Loss?

didn't happen

I read about the 'big job loss' the U.S. experienced in March(last month) in an article presented on this site this morning. That jumped out at me like a bolt of lightning. To say the least, it baffled me because I was pretty sure the number of jobs had increased slightly in March.

Admittedly, the number of jobs created in March was lower than one might like to see; the total was just under 100,000, but in no way could that be considered a big job loss.

Sometimes folks like to play games with numbers, or are completely ignorant and depend on sites bent on distributing untruths to further an agenda, but in this case the statement is untrue. Some game players might deliberately translate job growth's failure to meet goals or expectations into ' a big job loss'. There was no big job loss for March, at least.

Read about the big job loss jobs increase for March


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